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"Short Program 2019-2020"
Deepen your knowledge in your academic field

Chiba University offers various programs utilizing our diverse research resources. This program is designed for interested universities with the opportunity to send a group of 15-30 regular students to join us for one or two weeks during the summer / winter vacation.
We are glad to invite you to join the unique programs specially arranged for a brief stay and study in Japan. The respective programs are conducted by leading researchers and professionals from each field. These programs consist of workshops, presentations and off-campus activities. The following are 14 example courses we can provide in the short program (2019-2020).

Program Title (Faculty/School/College)

  • Tokyo Future Vision : Learning from the Past and Present for Tokyo 2020 and 2050(Letters)
  • Field Study to Japan : Economics and Sustainability(Law, Politics and Economics)
  • Japanese Culture : Past and Future(Humanities and Social Sciences)
  • Field Study to Japan : Sustainability and Risk Management(Humanities and Social Sciences)
  • Summer Industrial Design Workshop(Engineering)
  • Winter Industrial Design Workshop(Engineering)
  • Landscape Design Workshop(Horticulture)
  • Nursing at Chiba University : Tradition and Innovation(Nursing)
  • Word Processing and Software Computation for Mathematics(Science)
  • A Touch of Advanced Informatics(Science)
  • Invitation to Contemporary Physics(Science)
  • Invitation to Fundamental & State-ofthe-Art Chemistry(Science)
  • Biodiversity and Nature Conservation in Japan(Science)
  • Geology, Geomorphology, Volcanology, and Seismology at the Boso Subduction Zone(Science)

For more information and sample schedules for the 14 courses, please check our Brochure (PDF file) below.

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