Useful Contact Information

Campus Numbers and Email Addresses

(for email addresses, place ā€œ@office.chiba-u.jpā€ after the account name following ā€˜/ā€™)

International Support Desk043-290-2195/ isd
Center for International Research and Education043-290-2197/ dge2195
International Student Division043-290-2193/ dgd2197
University Health Center043-290-2219/ def2219
Tuition Waiver Section043-290-2178/ dde2178
Job Support Section043-290-2177/ shuu-hp
Extracurricular Activities Section043-290-2162/ ddc2162
Faculty of Letters043-290-2352/ bhgakumu
Faculty of Law, Politics & Economics043-290-2351/ bhgakumu
Faculty of Education043-290-2514/ hai2514
Faculty of Science043-290-2881/ iad2880
School of Medicine043-226-2008/ sag5032
Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences043-290-2980/ kae2979
School of Nursing043-226-2452/ tag5660
Faculty of Engineering043-290-3055/ mak3054
Faculty of Horticulture047-308-8712/ zag8712
Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences043-290-2354/ gah2352
Graduate School of Education043-290-2515/ hai2514
Graduate School of Science043-290-2881/ iad2880
Graduate School of Medicine and Pharmaceutical Sciences
(Medical Field)
043-290-2980/ kae2979
Graduate School of Medicine and Pharmaceutical Sciences
(Pharmaceutical Field)
043-226-2009/ sah5234
Graduate School of Nursing043-226-2450/ tae5667
Graduate School of Engineering043-290-3885, 3887/ pad3885
Graduate School of Advanced Integration Science043-290-3885, 3887/ pad3885
Graduate School of Horticulture047-308-8714/ zag8712
Law School043-290-2349/ gai2349

Numbers for Daily Life

Emergency services

Police (emergency) 110
Fire Department 119
Ambulance 119

Immigration offices

Tokyo Office 03-5796-7111
Chiba District Office043-242-6597

Municipal (City)/Ward offices

Chiba Municipal Office 043-245-4894
Inage Ward Office 043-284-6111
Chuo Ward Office 043-221-2111
Mihama Ward Office 043-270-3111
Matsudo Municipal Office 047-366-1111


Chiba City International Association
(volunteer opportunities, consultation, etc.)
Chiba-Prefectural Tourist Association 043-225-9170
Telephone Helpline for Foreign Residents
(Chiba International Center)
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