ISD Guidance for new students

All international students newly enrolled in Chiba University are requested to attend the ISD Guidance. This guidance is given by the Center for International Research and Education and ISD (International Support Desk), and is different from the one given by your faculty/graduate school.

At the guidance, important information such as supports for international students, scholarship, housing, immigration formalities, rules and regulations in Japan, preparation tips for earthquakes will be offered. Check the schedule, plan ahead, and never miss the guidance.

Guidance schedules and venues

Guicances are given at Nishi-Chiba, Inohana, and Matudo campuses in every April and October in English as well as in Japanese.

Schedules and venues are announced in Nyugaku Tetsuzuki no Tebiki (the yellow booklet you receive when you pass the entrance exam), in the handout given at the admission procedure, on the bulletin boards on campus, and at ISD website (guidance registration page).


Guidance registration

We request students to register for the guidance online by 3 days prior to the guidance. Visit the registration page, check the schedule, and register as soon as you decide the session to attend.

ISD Guidance registration

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