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Center for International Education

Nishi-Chiba Campus
Tel: 043-290-2197
Fax: 043-290-2198
Email: dge2195@office.chiba-u.jp
URL: https://cie.chiba-u.ac.jp/index-e.html

Located in the south area of the Nishi-Chiba Campus, the Center for International Education (CIE) functions as a hub for internationalization and intercultural activities of Chiba University. Administrative and clerical support of CIE is handled by the International Student Division which is located on the first floor of the CIE Building.

  1. CIE provides:
  2. - Japanese language courses for
    • +undergraduate students, graduate students, J-PAC students, research students and researchers
    • +MEXT intensive Japanese course students
    • +Japan-Korea Joint Exchange Program for Science and Engineering students
    • +spouses of Chiba University students and researchers
  1. - Intercultural activities
    • +orientation for new international students
    • +homestay and home-visit opportunities
    • +intercultural programs
      • +joint seminars with Japanese students
      • +Universal Festival
      • +welcoming party
  1. - Exchanges with local communities
    • +local school visits
    • +participation in local community events
  1. - Counseling for international students
  1. - Language support by Japanese students/tutors
  1. - Chiba University Alumni Association (CUAA) international branches
    • The aim of CUAA is to contribute to the further development of Chiba University through creating a worldwide network of our international graduates who are active in various sectors of industry and society in their home countries.
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