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Some scholarships are available for students with a Student visa status. You must register to be on the "Scholarship Applicant List" during the designated period every year in order to apply for a scholarship which needs a university recommendation. Since many scholarship applications require university recommendations, you are highly advised to register to be on the list.
Since the number of applicants largely exceeds the number of scholarships available, not all applicants are guaranteed a scholarship.

Contact International Student Division if you have any inquiry about scholarship.

1. Scholarship applicant list

a.You can register to be on this list once a year:

- Newly admitted students: at the time of university admission
- Continuing students: in February (before the end of a semester)

b.Note that just being on the Scholarship Applicant List does not automatically make you a candidate for any scholarship.It is still your responsibility to look for and find a scholarship. International Student Division posts the latest information about available scholarships on bulletin boards as well as on their website.

c.Once you find a scholarship you wish to apply for, register your name to be on a longlist for the scholarship at the International Student Division.

d.The selection board will screen the candidates on the longlist and select the final candidates based on their academic standings.

e.Those selected as final candidates can apply for the scholarship with a university recommendation through the International Student Division.

2. Types of scholarships

In order to apply for the scholarships listed below, you must be on the Scholarship Applicant List.

a.JASSO Honors scholarship (Gakushu-Shoreihi)

Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) offers international students with good academic standings the scholarship, Gakushu-Shoreihi.

a-1. EJU honors (students with a reservation notice)

Those who are accepted for the "Reservation Program for Honors Scholarship for Privately Financed International Student" (Yoyakusha) through Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU) still need to be on the Scholarship Applicant List (p. 25) to receive this scholarship. You must register upon university admission.

a-2. University recommendation*

Application information is announced in every April. Stay informed of the application schedules through bulletin boards and the website.

  Monthly allowance Scholarship period
undergraduate students ¥48,000 12 months
graduate students/ 12 months research students ¥48,000

*As of April 2015; amount of the allowance is subject to change.

b.Scholarship by private foundations*

There are scholarships offered to international students by approximately 50 private foundations per year. The application requirements and monthly allowance vary depending on the foundation. Note that most of the scholarships require Japanese language proficiency. Stay informed of the application information through bulletin boards and the website.

  Monthly allowance Scholarship period
undergraduate students ¥10,000 ~ ¥200,000 generally up to 12 months
graduate students/research students

*As of January 2013; amount of the allowance and period varies depending on the scholarship.

c.Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship*

The Japanese government also offers a limited number of scholarships to international students attending school in Japan. At Chiba University, those who wish to apply must go through a primary screening at the faculty/graduate school. Only one or two student(s) who pass the primary screening will undergo further screening by the university board. Application information is announced in October. Stay informed of the application information through bulletin boards, the website, and your academic supervisor.

  Monthly allowance Scholarship period
undergraduate students about ¥120,000 until the end of applicant's current/new degree period
graduate students/research students about ¥145,000

*As of January 2013; application outlines and amount of the allowance are subject to change.

MEXT also offers prospective students from countries that Japan has diplomatic relations with a chance to apply for MEXT scholarship through Japanese embassies/ consulates. Contact the Japanese embassy/ consulate of your area for details.

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