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University Health Center

University Health Center (Safety and Health Organization) offers students an annual health checkup, primary medical care, and mental health consultations free of charge.
The main facility of the Health Center is located right next to the CIE on Nishi-Chiba Campus, and its branch offices are located on Inohana and Matsudo Campuses.
For clinic hours, see their respective websites or contact ISD.

Nishi-Chiba Campus

Safety and Health Organization
Tel: 043-290-2214
Fax: 043-290-2211
Email: info-hsc@office.chiba-u.jp
URL: http://hschome-gw.hsc.chiba-u.ac.jp/home_e.html

Inohana Campus

Inohana Healthcare Room
School of Medicine Main Building, 1st floor
Tel: 043-222-7171 ext. 5034
Email: info-hsc@office.chiba-u.jp
URL: http://hschome-gw.hsc.chiba-u.ac.jp/cont/cont-1/cont-1_ino.html

Matsudo Campus

Matsudo Healthcare Room
Ryokufu-Kaikan, 1st floor
Tel: 047-308-8731
Email: info-hsc@office.chiba-u.jp
URL: http://hschome-gw.hsc.chiba-u.ac.jp/cont/cont-1/cont-1_matsu.html

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