Immigration Documents

Application forms

1. Application form for extension of status of residence

Effective April 1, 2019, the application forms are renewed.
The first 3 pages must be filled out by the applicant and the remaining 2 pages are to be filled out by the faculty/graduate school office the applicant belongs to. When you fill out an application form, please do not use erasable gel pen.


for extention of “Student” status  在留資格「留学」の更新許可申請書 pdf / excel
*sample of how to fill out the application  申請書の記入例 English / Japanese


2. Application form for change the status of residence to "Student"

The form has been renewed effective April 1, 2019. When you need to change the status of residence to "student", you are required to have the "certificate of eligibility" issued in advance in addtion to this application form.


for change of status of residence to "Student"  在留資格変更許可申請(留学) pdf / excel


3. Application form for certificate of eligibility

Contact the academic affairs office of your faculty/graduate school.


4. Permission for part-time job

For details, see Employment.

a. when apply after you enter Japan
pdf / excel
b. when apply at the port of entry
   (at the immigration of the airport upon arrival)


5. Mandatory reports to immigration bureau 

For details, see Mandatory Reports.

a. When graduating/ withdrawing from school (form1-2)
pdf / excel
b. When entering new school (form1-3)
pdf / excel
b. Change in name/ address of school (form1-1)
pdf / excel


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