Daily Life


1. Matters to be attended

Recently, traffic accidents involving bicycles are increasing. The traffic law prohibits using cell phones and other mobile devices while riding on the bicycle. Check "Trafic Laws" and "Drinking & Smoking" to confirm other "NOT-TO-DO"es.

Also note that if you want to park your bicycle on campus, you are required to obtain a "parking permission sticker" issued by the university and put it on your bicycle (see below for details).

2. Registeration to the police (BOHAN TOROKU)

In Japan, every bicycle must be registered (bohan-toroku) to the police. When you buy a bicycle, no matter if it is new or recycled, you are required to register the bicycle. This registration costs 500yen, and you need to present your ID with your current address (ex. Resident Card, National Health Insurance Holder's Card).

3. Parking permission sticker

You are required to obtain a parking permission sticker and put it on your bicycle if you want to park your bicycle on campus.

For the permission to park on Nishi-Chiba campus, visit the CO-OP counter in the Life Center next to the library. The permission sticker costs 500yen.
Note that bicycles without the permission sticker on Nishi-Chiba campus will be locked and towed; fine will be charged to unlocked the bicycle.

For the permission on Inohana and Matsudo campuses, ask for the free sticker at the faculty/graduate school office you belong to.

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