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If your image of Japanese food involves eating sushi every day, you will be surprised…! It should not be hard to find food that suits your taste and culture.
You don't know how to use chopsticks? No problem!!

1. Supermarkets & Convenience stores

Chiba, facing the Atlantic Ocean, is blessed with harvest from the sea as well as riches from the soil. Most of your grocery needs including delicatessens, baked goods and even some ethnic specialties can be found at supermarkets around Chiba. Convenience stores that are open 24 hours are located around every corner, though prices are generally higher than those of supermarkets and the selection is relatively limited.

2. Restaurants & Cafes

Beside restaurants that serve traditional Japanese food, there are many moderately priced restaurants that specialize in foreign cuisines including Chinese, Korean, Thai, Indian, French and Italian. Diners, or Family Restaurants, many of which are open 24 hours, serve a variety of Japanese, Asian, Western entrees and vegetable dishes at affordable prices.
Though Japanese food is traditionally eaten with chopsticks, spoons, forks, and knives are often used and available at most restaurants.

There are also many fast food restaurants such as McDonald’s, and cafes like Starbucks Coffee located mainly near train stations as well as in shopping malls.
Note that it is not customary to tip in Japan.

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