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Most international students attending Chiba University live in privately rented accommodations (apartments). Private accommodations can be found through University COOP or local real estate agents.
You can also find basic information on finding and renting an apartment room at the website offered by the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.

Chiba University has an off-campus dormitory for international students (International House). Note, however, that since the number of rooms is very limited, not all applicants can be accommodated.

1. Rental accommodations

a. Average rent

The following table gives you a general idea of how much you will pay for a small apartment. In general, most apartments are unfurnished, and utilities are not included.

Location Average area
(studio type)
Average rent
Nishi-Chiba & Inohana regions 13 -20m2
(140-210 ft2)
Funabashi region
(20 min to Chiba, 40 min to Matsudo)
Matsudo region ¥40,000

b. Apartment Tenancy Guarantee

When making a rental agreement with a landlord or real estate agent, you need to provide a guarantor to co-sign the contract. If you lack a co-signer, Chiba University can provide you with an institutional guarantee known as "Apartment Tenancy Guarantee" (Apato Nyukyo Kikan Hosho), under the condition that you subscribe to the "Comprehensive Renters' Insurance for Foreign Students Studying in Japan" managed by Japan Educational Exchanges and Services (JEES).

To be an eligible applicant, you must: - be a Chiba University student with a College Student visa.
- move into a private apartment which requires a guarantor.
- live alone, with your spouse/children, or with international student(s) of Chiba University*.
* In the case that you live with international student(s), all of you must join this service. - comply with the lease agreement. For further information, please contact ISD.

2. Chiba University International House (Kokusai-koryu-kaikan)

6-33-7 Konakadai, Inage-ku Chiba, 263-0043
Email: cu-dormitory@chiba-u.jp

Chiba University International House is an off-campus dormitory for international students. The International House is located within walking distance from JR Inage Station, which is just one station away (2 minutes by train) from the Nishi-Chiba campus. Many students commute to the campus by bicycle (10-15 minutes: if you are interested in renting a bicycle from University CO-OP, visit ISD Nishi-Chiba campus office for details). It provides rooms for singles, married couples, and families. Note that the tenancy period is limited to one year and cannot be extended or renewed.

Applications for the International House is accepted twice a year (for April and October move-ins) at the International Student Division. Application information and deadlines are announced on the bulletin boards and on its website.

Note that the likelihood of getting a room at the International House is quite low as the number of rooms available is significantly less than the number of applicants.

Room Type Furniture and Equipment m2
Common Fees
Additional fees3
single room
mini-bath (sink, toilet, shower),
mini-kitchen (sink, stove, mini-fridge),
bed1, desk, chair, bookshelf
couple room5
(1 bedroom)
bathroom (sink, toilet, tub),
kitchen, fridge, table & chairs, bed1,
desk, chair, bookshelf, drawer
family room6
(2 bedrooms)
bathroom (sink, toilet, tub),
kitchen, fridge, table & chairs, bed1,
bunk bed1, desk, chair, bookshelf,

1Bedding not included; 2utilities not included; 3charged at the time of move in, non-refundable;
4includes internet access and laundry fees; 5only for married couples;
6only for married couples with children; 7includes internet access fees.
As of January 2013; fees are subject to change.

3. UR Apartment(*UR is abbreviated name for Urban Renaissance Agency)

UR apartment rooms at Saiwai-cho Danchi and Takasu Daiichi Danchi which Chiba University leases are available for International Students.

Applications for the UR apartment rooms is accepted twice a year (for April and October move-ins) at ISD. Application information and deadlines are announced on the bulletin boards and on the website of International Student Division

Note that not all the applicants can be accepted at UR apartment rooms if the number of applicants exceed the number of the rooms available.

4. Other accommodations

Apartment rooms for Chiba University staff on occasion become available for rent to international students. Some employee dormitory rooms are also offered by private companies nearby. The availability and application information for these facilities are also announced on the bulletin boards and website.

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