Daily Life


If you get involved in a situation that requires police intervention or law enforcement, call "110".
Be prepared to tell the dispatcher where you are (address, landmark, etc.).

1. Crime

Though Japan has a relatively low crime rate, you should still take sensible precautions to stay out of trouble and avoid being a victim of a crime.

- never leave your belongings unattended
- use caution in less trafficked areas and streets
- observe the law and rules

2. Cults

There are groups of people that solicit students to join activities involving antisocial behavior. They may approach students in a very friendly and generous manner, hiding their true identities and purposes. If someone comes up to you while you are alone and asks you to come to meetings (sports activities, study groups, volunteer work, etc.), use your commonsense. DO NOT readily provide your personal information to strangers.
If you ever sense something wrong with an organization or group of people, contact ISD or you may also report it to:

Chiba University Cult Consultation Desk
Tel: 080-1296-6310, Fax: 043-290-2688
Email: cultsoudan@office.chiba-u.jp

3. Earthquakes

Japan is prone to earthquakes. Earthquakes can occur very frequently at different magnitudes and places. Take the following measures to be prepared.

- Daily tips + avoid placing heavy objects in high places, especially above your bed
+ have a flashlight, a radio and shoes handy near your bed
+ know your local evacuation areas
+ stock up on some water and food at home

- If an earthquake hits + DO NOT PANIC
+ watch out for falling objects
+ extinguish flames and secure exits if it is safe to do so

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