A college student visa itself does NOT allow you to work in Japan. You must obtain the Certificate of Authorized Employment (Shikakugai-katsudo-kyoka) from the immigration bureau before engaging in part-time work.
However, if you work as a part-time teaching (TA) or research (RA) assistant at Chiba University, you are not required to obtain this certificate. Visit the website of the Immigration Bureau for more details.


With the Shikakugai-katsudo-kyoka, you are allowed to work up to 28 hours a week. You are permitted to work up to 8 hours a day (40 hours a week) when the school is "officially" not in session. Chiba University's school regulation specifies off-session periods as follows.


- Summer holiday: from August 1 to September 30
- Winter break: from December 24 to January 5
- Spring break: from April 1 to 7

J-PAC students and MEXT Intensive Japanese Course students are not allowed to work for six months after arrival.

For detailed information, contact ISD (→International Support Desk (ISD)).


1.Applying for Certificate of Authorized Employment (Shikakugai-katsudo-kyoka)

Since applying for this certificate could be a lengthy process, allow enough time before starting employment. Note that you are NOT permitted to engage in any part-time job while you are withdrawn from school. See "When you withdraw from school temporarily" for details.

Check the required document at the website of the Immigration Bureau and apply at the local Immigration Bureau BEFORE you start working.

Immigration Bureau of Japan (necessary documents for application)

Top page → Residence Procedures for Foreign Nationals → List of Necessary Documents → 9. Application for permission to engage in activity other than that permitted under the status of residence previously granted


2. Looking for work

Chiba University offers some part-time job information through University COOP. For job postings, visit the University COOP Housing & Jobs Referral Center (Sumai Arubaito Shokai Center) located in the Campus Life Building or visit their website (

3. Matters to be attended

Recently, cases have been reported that international students are involved in crimes through part-time jobs before they realize it. Getting paid by receiving unknown items on someone's behalf or withdrawing money from someone else's bank account could result in having a part in a crime. Be careful of sweet talk. There is no easy way to make money.

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