Resident Card/My number


Resident Card (Zairyu card)

With this new residency management system, your resident record - your name, nationality, local address, visa status, visa expiration date, National Health Insurance record and etc.- is managed at the local ward/municipal office based on the information recorded on "Resident Card". Resident Card is issued at the time of entry to Japan (at the immigration of the port of entry) to foreign nationals who are allowed entry with a mid-to-long term resident status.
Resident records of those who have Foreign Resident Registration Cards (those who entered Japan as mid-to-long term residents before July 9, 2012) are made based on the foreign registration records.

Since the Resident Card (or Foreign Registration Card) acts as your primary identification card in Japan, you are required to carry it with you at all times.

For more details of the system, refer to the website the Immigration Bureau.

Immigration Bureau of Japan

Start of a new residency management system


Resident registration (Jumin-toroku, Tennyu-todoke)

Those who are issued a Resident Card at the time of entry are required to report an address in Japan to a local ward/municipal office (Jumin-toroku) by submitting a prescribed form (Tennyu-todoke ) within 14 days from the date of arrival. The form (Tennyu-todoke) is available at the ward/municipal office and also at ISD.

You are also required to report to the local ward/municipal office within 14 days when you chage your address in Japan.

Refer Mandatory Reports for more details.


Resident record (Juminhyo)

To confirm your resident record, the local ward/municipal office will issue you a Juminhyo, a certificate of resident record, upon request. You might be asked to present or submit a Juminhyo upon the entrance exam application or when you make a contract for a mobile phone. It generally costs 300yen (fee varies depending on areas) to have a Juminhyo issued.


My number(Individual Number)

Starting in Oct. 2015, social security and tax number (so called My number) is issued to all foreign nationals who are allowed entry with a mid-to-long term resident status. After you receive the notification card with your my number, be careful not to throw it away by mistake.

Refer to the site for Social Security and Tax Number for more details.

You will also find information on "My Number" at web site of "The Japan Agency for Local Authority Information Systems" .

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