• ISDガイダンス参加登録 ISD Guidance Registration

ISDガイダンス参加登録 ISD Guidance Registration

千葉大学インターナショナル サポートデスク (ISD)では、みなさんの留学生活をサポートするために、新入留学生を対象とした生活ガイダンスを行っています。2020年4月のガイダンスについては、新型コロナウイルス感染症の拡大防止の観点から、次のように対応します。

→ 2020.4.30動画を公開しました。動画はこちら
→ 資料(留学生のための生活ガイド)はこちら



Chiba University International Support Desk (ISD) gives guidance sessions to new international students and provides information to support their academic and social life in Japan. For prevent the spread of New Coronavirus Infection, we will conduct as follows:

【Nishi-Chiba Campus】【Inohana Campus】
 Guidance video will be released in middle of April and show you how to get the materials on this webpage.
→ 2020.4.30 The video has been released.Check the video here
Click here for materials (Handbook for International Students)

【Matsudo Campus】
 Details will be announced on this web page and we will contact the target person individually.

ISD also provides support on citizen registration and opening of a bank account you are required to complete within 14 days from the date of arrival in Chiba. Check the details here and sign up if you need our support. Spaces are limited. First come, first served.

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