• 区役所・銀行手続きサポート Support on residency formalities

区役所・銀行手続きサポート Support on residency formalities

千葉大学インターナショナル サポートデスク(ISD)は、留学生の千葉市での住民登録とゆうちょ銀行の口座開設をお手伝いします。

  1. 住民登録サポート(千葉市居住者のみ)
  2. 銀行口座開設サポート

ISD provides the support for new international students to register their residence in Chiba city and open a bank account.
You are required to report your address and to join the National Health Insurance at the local ward office within 14 days when you arrive in Japan.
Also you will need to open a bank account for receiving scholarship or withdrawing rent fee.If you need help for these procedures, please sign up below. Fist come, first served basis.

  1. Residence registration support  (Chiba city residence only)
    ISD and volunteer staff will help you to fill out the required forms and take you to the Inage ward office for jumin-toroku (resident registration) and the National Health Insurance (kokumin-kenko-hoken) registration. Those who live in other wards in Chiba city can also complete the procedure at the Inage ward office.
  2. Opening a bank account support
    ISD and volunteer staff will help you to fill out the required forms to open Yucho ginko (Japan post Bank) account.
日時  Date and Time 場所  Venues


September 30(Mon)


国際交流会館1F コミュニティーホール

Community Hall, International House 1F


September 30(Mon)

13:00 ※住民登録サポートのみ *Residence registration support ONLY

【あなたの名前(アルファベット)①姓 ②名 ③国籍 ④性別 ⑤学部/研究科名 ⑥E-mail ⑦参加希望日時】を isd-registration@chiba-u.jpまで送ってください。
Please send your 【Name in apphabet 1.Family Name 2.Given Name)   3.Nationality   4.Gender  5.Faculty/Graduate School  6.E-mail 7.Tha date and time you'll attend】 to isd-registration@chiba-u.jp .

Passport, Resident card

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