Nurturing a new,
globally minded Japanese generation

We aim to become a leading university through future-oriented thinking, and by nurturing a new,
globally engaged generation that both understands Japanese culture and strives to cultivate international links.

We develop
globally minded talent


We develop intellectual 3 abilities

We encourage development of:
the ability to understand the wider context of issues,
the vision to discover new perspectives,
and the skill to find practical solutions.


4 original goals
753+1 Plan(Shichi Go San plus Ichi)

7 - 700 subjects to be taught in English
5 - 50% of each year's student intake to study overseas
3 - 3,000 overseas students to be accepted
1 - 10% of students to be admitted by alternative processes

Summary of the program

4 reforms leading to
the transformation of
Chiba University

Governance reform

  • ・Establishment of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • ・Establishment of a basis for inter-professional education
  • ・Building an organization to support the operation university-wide of all faculties with special academic advisors appointed to assist in the implementation of tailor-made education
  • ・Promoting faculty and administrative staff development

Learning system reform

  • ・Expansion of early university entrance
  • ・Diversification of entrance examinations
  • ・Introduction of a six-term system
  • ・Modification of the university education system to adapt to international norms

Program reform

  • ・Introduction of double major system (Tokuhisa School) to nurture innovative talent
  • ・Establishment of the "International Liberal Arts Program" for studying abroad
  • ・Making "International Japanology" a requisite
  • ・Introduction of the semester study abroad program
  • ・Creation of programs for double major and major/minor program at a graduate level.

Global network reform

New overseas campuses:

  • ・Mahidol University (Thailand)
  • ・Charité-Universitätsmedizin Berlin (Germany)
Chiba University continues to evolve.
We aim to become a world-renowned university.
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