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Additional Service

When staff members of the university are to engage in work outside of their ordinary university work duties ("additional service"), it is necessary to submit a prior request in writing and obtain the approval of the President. Therefore, if you intend to request additional service of a university staff member, please submit a written request according to the procedure stated below.

Procedure for making a request

Using the prescribed Letter of Request for Additional Service, fill in the necessary information and submit it to the department of the relevant staff member or to the Labor Affairs Unit, Staff Welfare Services Division, Department of General Affairs stated below.

Letter of Request for Additional Service
Letter of Request for Additional Service (Request to Engage in Activities at the University Hospital)

To simplify administrative procedures, a reply in writing is not provided as a general rule. If you require a written reply to your request, please indicate that in your letter of request and be sure to enclose a return envelope or reply form without fail.
Please note that processing a request takes approximately one month; therefore, please allow sufficient time when submitting your request.

Required informationExample of details to be filled in
1. Name, position and department of the person

to undertake the additional service

XXXXX, Professor, Faculty of XXXXX / Graduate School of XXXXX, Associate Professor, XXXXX Center
2. Title of service requested Lecturer for XXXXX academic conference
Adjudicator for XXXXX
3. Details of service requested To present a lecture at XXXXX academic conference
(Attach relevant materials, if any)
To adjudicate in XXXXX
4. Duration of service

From [mm/dd/yy](or date of acceptance) to [mm/dd/yy]
(The duration is to be no longer than one year in principle. A new request must be submitted for periods exceeding one year.) When a term of office is established under rules or regulations, etc., approval may be given for a maximum of four years. When this is the case, please attach a copy of the relevant rules, etc.)

5. Frequency / hours of service XX days during the period, XX hours a day.
On [date] from XX O'clock to XX O'clock

6. Remunerations, etc.

Yes. 10,000 yen (1 day)
7. Place of service XXXXX Convention Center

8. Contact details of person responsible

for the request
Name of person responsible, name of department, address, telephone number, email


Labor Affairs Unit, Staff Welfare Services Division
Department of General Affairs
Chiba University
1-33 Yayoicho Inage-ku, Chiba-shi
Chiba, Japan 263-8522


Reference: Rules Concerning Additional Service for Chiba University Staff Members
(available in Japanese only)

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