About Chiba U

Chiba University Facts

Chiba University was founded in 1949, unifying several regional former national colleges and schools such as Chiba Medical College and Chiba Normal School. Its fundamental mission since then has been, as encapsulated by the inscription on the University Bell, ad altiora semper (always toward the higher), to equip students with the ability to make mature and informed judgments while nurturing and guiding their creativity. Pursuing these goals of excellence has resulted in Chiba University becoming one of the leading academic research centers of Japan.

Chiba University Fact

・Established 1949
・School 10 Undergraduates Schools
13 Graduate Schools
4 Affiliated Schools
・Campus Nishi-Chiba about 381,000m2
Inohana about 267,000m2
Matsudo about 149,000m2
Kashiwano-ha about 167,000m2
・Students Undergraduates 10,670
Graduates 3,444
・Partner Universities 431
・Academic and Administrative Staff Faculty 1,378 (including 9 Executives)
Staff 2,078