Faculty of Horticulture

Faculty of Horticulture

Matsudo Campus
648, Matsudo, Matsudo-shi, Chiba, 271-8510 Japan
Tel.+81-47-308-8706 Fax.+81-47-308-8720

Department of Horticulture

Plant Culture and Breeding, Biological Environment Science

Department of Applied Biological Chemistry

Applied Biological Chemistry

Department of Environmental Science and Landscape Architecture

Landscape Architecture, Landscape Science, Environmental and Human Health Science

Department of Food and Resource Economics

Food System Analysis, Resource and Environmental Economics


HortResearch (former: The Technical Bulletin of Faculty of Horticulture, Chiba University, published every March, in Japanese and English)

Admission Policy

Our expectation to students;

  1. High interests to work on the field of "food and green" and to challenge to new finding and creation.
  2. Completion of earlier general education (e.g., high school)
  3. Willingness to work in group with respect and communication
  4. Eagerness to contribute communities as a professional agronomist, breeder, engineer or landscape architect from both of global and local viewpoints.

Each of our four departments looks for prospective students who are eager to;

Study biology and related sciences on higher technologies for cultivation and breeding of plants, and physical, chemical and biological control of environmental conditions for crop plant production.
(Department of Horticulture)

Study theories and new technologies for basic and applied biochemical researches on plants, animals and microorganisms at the molecular, individual and population levels.
(Department of Applied Biological Chemistry)

Expand knowledge in the relationship between human and nature, with great consideration for preserving and creating a rich and sustainable natural environment, and developing science and technology for landscape architecture.
(Department of Environmental Science and Landscape Architecture)

Contribute to a diversified and globalizing society with knowledge of social sciences and a frontier spirit for tackling food, rural development, and environmental issues.
(Department of Food and Resource Economics)