School of Medicine

School of Medicine

Inohana Campus
1-8-1, Inohana, Chuo-ku, Chiba-shi, Chiba, 260-8670 Japan
Tel. +81-43-222-7171 Fax.+81-43-226-2005

The history of Chiba University School of Medicine can be traced back as early as 1874, when its predecessor was founded as a private hospital by donations from the local community. In 1876 it became a prefectural institution with medical teaching facilities and was named the Chiba Public Hospital. In 1923 it became the Chiba Medical College, and was incorporated into the School of Medicine at Chiba University in 1949. Alumni from this school have contributed greatly to the progress of medicine in Japan.

Faculty members of the school belongs to the Graduate School of Medicine and the University Hospital. The number of students admitted is 120 per year. The School of Medicine requires six years (115 students) and four years (5 students of the MD-PhD course ) of attendance, as well as sufficient ability to complete the basic and clinical medical courses.

Admission Policy

The School of Medicine educates the students in the hope that they will become leading medical doctors, physician scientists and life scientists. Therefore, to be admitted into undergraduate program of the School of Medicine, promising applicants are expected to be healthy and highly intellectual individuals with:

  1. Capability of creative and logical thinking
  2. High ethical standards and a strong sense of mission
  3. Willingness to sincerely devote themselves to people and community
  4. Ambition to become leading physician scientists in the world