School of Nursing

School of Nursing

Inohana Campus
1-8-1, Inohana, Chuo-ku, Chiba-shi, Chiba, 260-8672, Japan
Tel. +81-43-226-2377 Fax.+81-43-226-2379

The School of Nursing has dedicated to assuring humanistic and quality nursing care for individuals, families and communities. Since its establishment in 1975, the School has produced a large number of nurse leaders and scholars and is acknowledged to be the leading nursing school for the advancement of nursing discipline in Japan. The School of Nursing offers a program leading to the Bachelor of Science in Nursing. The School also offers an RN-BSN option for registered nurses with an associate's degree or diploma in nursing. The BSN program aims to prepare nurse leaders of the future. The program builds on knowledge foundation in biological, behavioral and social sciences and humanities. Upon successful completion of the required courses, graduates are qualified to take the national licensure examinations for nurses, public health nurses, and/or midwives.

Department of Nursing

Theoretical Nursing, Parent and Child Nursing, Adult and Gerontological Nursing, Community Health Nursing


Journal of Chiba University School of Nursing (Published annually in Japanese)

Admission Policy

Nursing as a human science entails respect for human dignity and protection of human rights in generating and promoting excellence in nursing practice and education. The School of Nursing thus seeks to admit and educate students with:

  1. Interest in nursing and sincere and altruistic concern for the welfare of people;
  2. Openness to perspectives of others;
  3. Ability to articulate, while maintaining sensitivity and integrity in interpersonal skills;
  4. Creative and logical reasoning and critical thinking skills founded in multiple perspectives of knowing; and
  5. Willingness to know and engage in self-directed learning.