Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Inohana Campus
1-8-1, Inohana, Chuo-ku, Chiba-shi, Chiba, 260-8675 Japan
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The Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences was founded as the Department of Pharmacy in the Medical School of the First Senior High School in 1890, and is the oldest pharmaceutical faculty among Japanese national universities. Since then, the Faculty has greatly contributed to the development of pharmaceutical sciences in Japan through education and research works. The Faculty consists of two departments: Department of Pharmacy (6 year education program) and Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences (4 year education program). The graduates from the Department of Pharmacy are qualified to take the national examination for the pharmacist's license.

Department of Pharmacy

Clinical Pharmacy, Life and Environmental Sciences

Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Molecular-based Medicinal Sciences, Drug Development and Life Sciences

Admission Policy

The research and educational fields of the faculty can be classified into the following three sections.

  1. Research and development of medicines usable for treatment, diagnosis, and prevention of diseases.
  2. Study on chemical substances which are essential, or harmful, to human public health.
  3. Professional education as a medicinal expert who can reasonably manage medicines, precisely examine prescriptions, and correctly explain how to uptake drugs with good relationship to medical partners such as doctors, nurses, and technicians.

The following applicants are suitable for the faculty:

  1. The person who has not only strong research mind but also high logical sense.
  2. The person who persist to research in life or medicinal sciences after graduation of higher education.
  3. The person who can act as a leading pharmacist.