International Exchange

Guidelines for the Internationalization of Chiba University

Promotion of International Research

1. Establish a leading international center for the creation of environmentally responsible society

  1. Promote research based on a fusion of Eastern and Western knowledge
  2. Promote technical research for combating global warming
  3. Promote comprehensive research on building a sustainable society

2. Promote joint international research and host international research meetings

  1. Promote joint international research on creating an environmentally responsible society
  2. Promote the hosting of cross-disciplinary international research meetings

3. Increase opportunities for exchanges between international researchers and Chiba University staff members and students

  1. Expand the system for exchanging staff members with sister universities
  2. Promote joint international research and facilitate participation in international research meetings

Promotion of International Education

1. Foster leaders of industry, academia and government

  1. Cultivate talented individuals who can lead in the creation of environmentally responsible societies throughout the world
  2. Cultivate talented individuals who can provide leadership in the fields of education, research and technology in every country
  3. Cultivate talented individuals who can lead the internationalization of Japan

2. Promote joint international education projects

  1. Enhance student exchange programs
  2. Ensure that curricula and lectures meet global standards
  3. Establish liaison offices to facilitate communication with sister universities

3. Promote exchanges of outstanding students who will contribute to the world

  1. Welcome outstanding overseas graduate school students through the good offices of the alumni association and sister universities
  2. Improve the system in order to increase opportunities for our students to study abroad
  3. Promote international exchange of outstanding students

Cooperative International Activities

1. Practice cooperative international activities by students and staff members

  1. Promote cooperative international activities through the use of sister universities
  2. Develop programs that combine practice and education
  3. Develop and expand classes and group activities related to international cooperation

2. Implementation of projects based on partnerships with affiliated institutions

  1. Partnerships with international and government institutions
  2. Partnership with Chiba Prefecture
  3. Partnerships with local communities

3. Support cooperative international activities through the Chiba University volunteer network

  1. Foster student volunteers and internationally engaged NPOs
  2. Promote education aimed at fostering international understanding
  3. Promote projects involving communication with people of other cultures

Building of Global Campus

1. Make our campus congenial to international people

  1. Make our campus more welcoming to international researchers and students
  2. Display campus signs in multiple languages
  3. Encourage interaction with people of diverse cultures

2. Expand IT-based public relations activities

  1. Expand use of videos, our English language website, and other means of communication
  2. Provide public relations and information in multiple languages

3. Develop the alumni association network and establish a database

  1. Create overseas exchange programs
  2. Build an overseas crisis management system

4. Cultivate and employ staff members who can promote internationalization

  1. Expand opportunities for overseas study
  2. Foster practical multilingual skills
  3. Create opportunities for people with overseas experience