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"President's Choice" April 21, 2022

President's welcome message to 3,616 new students!

Chiba University welcomed 1,177 new graduate and 2,439 new undergraduate students this April. Congratulations to all!
At the entrance ceremony held on April 5, I sent the new undergraduate students my little requests and wishes: "I hope that you sincerely face various challenges and problems to solve them one by one and make your university life meaningful." I also encouraged them to do their best in everything to discover their talents and develop those talents to the fullest.
With new graduate students, I shared two important things that I valued as a researcher: To merge the latest technology and knowledge with research activities proactively. The other is to work on the same topic for a long time. I promise that they will surely come across a remarkable discovery several times as long as they stick to one theme for a long time.
I believe that this spring will be a significant milestone in new students' lives. "Always Aim Higher" I hope that all of you, who are creating a bright future and society, will be able to enhance your intelligence and refinement with us, and discover and develop your talents to have a grand dream of the future.

表彰状を手にする横手病院長.pngA shot from the 2022 entrance ceremony: All undergraduate students could gather in one hall for the first time in two years!


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