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"President's Choice" July 28, 2022

Institute for Advanced Academic Research (IAAR) Kick-off Symposium was held

On Wednesday, July 27, 2022, we held the IAAR Kick-off Symposium entitled "From Chiba University to the World- Creation of New Knowledge and Value" as the 2nd President-led Seminar Session.
We launched this IAAR to realize and accelerate our university VISION: A Hub of Global Brain Circulation―Generate and expand world-leading research―.

In the fiscal year 2022, the IAAR selected 20 cutting-edge research groups within the university. Through new initiatives such as recruiting and cultivating post-docs and tenure-track faculty members who will drive future research at Chiba University, we provide our researchers with meticulous support to meet their needs.

Selected 20 researchers from Chiba University serve as Project Investigators to promote highly original, cutting-edge, and value-creating research. The Kick-off Symposium was an excellent opportunity to introduce and let everybody know about some of the innovatory research of Chiba University.




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