Global COE Program / Good Practice Program (MEXT)

Since 2007, Chiba University have received large-scale competitive funding for two Global COE programs and six support programs for improving graduate school education (Good Practice Program : GP), with huge results at the international level.

1.Global COE Program(MEXT)

This program is managed by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology , enhancing and strengthening education and research function of graduate schools in Japan, and striving to foster creative human resources that lead the world based on an internationally outstanding research foundation. This Program focuses on the formation of an international center of excellence prominent education and research center, with the objective of promoting internationally competitive universities. Approximately 50 to 500 million yen per year is granted to each program for five consecutive years.

YearFieldProgramProgram Leader
2008-2012 Medicine Global Center for Education and Research in Immune System Regulation and Treatment Professor Toshinori Nakayama, Department of Immunology, Graduate School of Medicine
2008-2012 Physics Advanced School for Organic Electronics Professor Nobuo Ueno, Division of Nanoscience, Graduate School of Advanced Integration Science

2.Good Practice Program (MEXT)

This program is also managed by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology , providing support to outstanding organizational and systematic educational programs targeting master's and doctoral programs and to foster high quality human resources capable of exhibiting outstanding work in wide ranging social fields, which in turn promotes the substantiality of graduate school education. Up to 50 million yen is granted to each program for three consecutive years.

YearFieldProgramProgram Leader
2008-2010 Science, Engineering and Agriculture Nano-imazing Expert Program Professor Takashige Omatsu, Division of Information Science, Graduate School of Advanced Integration
2007-2009 Humanities and Social Sciences Education Program for the Realization of Practical Public Sciences Professor Akimasa Miyake, Studies on Public Affairs, Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences
2007-2009 Science, Engineering and Agriculture Service and Product Design Program (Human resources development with core competence in service and product design) Professor Hiroyuki Aoki, Design Science, Graduate School of Engineering
2007-2009 Science, Engineering and Agriculture Environmental Horticulture Expert Program in Graduate School(Development of experts in food and green in the horticultural research centers in Asia)
Professor Masao Kikuchi, Division of Environmental Horticulture, Graduate School of Horticulture
2007-2009 Medicine Fostering Program for Certified Nurse Specialists(Development of leaders of nurse specialist)
Professor Nobue Nakamura, Nursing, Graduate School of Nursing
2007-2009 Medicine Development of Medical Professionals to engage Global Translation Research Professor Tsutomu Ishikawa, Department of Medicinal Organic Chemistry, Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences