Training of Young Researcher for Creating Innovation (JST)

This Program is managed by Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) aiming to establish a system contributes to development core young researchers in charge of creation of innovation with an idea based on the needs of real-world such as business communities and a broad vision acquired through global experience. Approximately 100 million yen per year is granted to each program for five consecutive years.

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Engineering Advanced Integration Science


Pharmaceutical Sciences

Advanced Multi-Career Training Program for Ph.D Student and Postdoctoral Scholars Professor Kenzo Nonami, Vice President for Research and International Affairs

This program will enable young doctoral program students and postdoctoral researchers from Chiba University who already have a strong technical background, to become leaders in industry. This one year program encourages these candidates to innovatively manage businesses from a broad international perspective based on the real world needs of industry together with the particular expertise of their respective disciplines. Specifically, the program will target Chiba University's doctoral program students possessing advanced research and development abilities and in-depth expertise, as well as postdoctoral researchers who have obtained their doctorate within approximately the past five years. The ACT program will foster "Multi-Career PhDs" with (1) the "Ability to Compete in Technology (ACT) by creating new products from research results" ; (2) the "Ability to Manage Technology (AMT) for business development using new products" ; and (3) the "Ability to Compete as Entrepreneurs/Intrapreneurs (ACE)" by bringing entrepreneurial innovation to large companies and thereby successfully competing in extremely competitive global markets."