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About Students Volunteer Activities in Tohoku district


Currently, relief efforts are being provided in disaster areas in Tohoku district, and systems to operate volunteer activities will soon be prepared. Some disaster areas in Chiba prefecture are already accepting volunteers. Considering the extent of this disaster, long-term volunteer works are expected to be needed.

In response, Chiba University is planning to set up "Chiba University Tohoku Earthquake Support Volunteer Center" to support students who want to involve in volunteer activities (including a fund-raising).

If you wish to participate in such activities, you are requested to register at the center specified below.
Students who are already involving in those activities are also asked to report to the center immediately.

Chiba University Student Support Center "Fureai-no-wa"
(2nd floor, University Hall)
opens from 9:00 to 17:00 weekdays
Tel: 043-290-2160 (ext. 4188)

<note> Information on Tohoku Earthquake (Cabinet Office)
About Volunteer Activities in Disaster Areas

As of March 15, preparations are under way in disaster areas for setting up volunteer centers. However, due to the urgent needs for emergency rescues and precise assessment of the situation, block-out of transportation systems, fuel and supply shortages and other factors are making it difficult to accept volunteers instantly.

In disaster areas, rescue operations are the most immediate priority at this moment and situation is still confounded. Going into the area demands careful and thoughtful consideration not to foment further confusion. Please refrain from calling the area just to gather volunteer information or sending supplies personally.

Since the extent of the disaster is extensive, long-term and enormous volunteer activities will be needed for reconstruction of the areas.

Please be responsible for your behavior and safety when you offer any assistance in those areas.

(March 18, 2011)