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Chiba University's response to State of Emergency Declaration (as of January 8th)


Chiba University decided to respond to the state of emergency issued on January 7th as follows;
These are current policies as of January 8th.
For the latest information, please check our website and official SNS (Twitter/facebook).

Campus entries

If you have a fever, cold, or feel sick, please refrain from entering the university facility.

Modality of courses

Courses will be offered in multiple modalities, with face-to-face learning and distance learning.
When conducting face-to-face classes, we will take thorough measures against infection, such as spacing seats and providing sufficient ventilation.

Extracurricular activities

The university examines the infection prevention measures formulated by each club/organization, and when they meet the standards required by the university, clubs/organizations are allowed to have their activities.
The university instructs students not to eat with multiple group members.

University entrance examination

University entrance examination, which will be held on January 16th-17th and January 30th-31st at Chiba University, will be conducted as scheduled.

Working arrangements of faculty and staff

The University is promotes telework and staggered commuting to staff within a scope which does not affect teaching and research activities.


We urge students and faculty members to follow through with infection control measures. Please make sure to avoid unnecessary and unurgent outings and refrain from eating together with non-family members who do not live together.