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Students from China joined Summer Industrial Design Workshop at Chiba University


Students from ten universities in China joined "Summer Industrial Design Workshop" at Chiba University during 7th-12th August 2017. It's the seventh time taken place since this program started and the theme at this time was "The Future of Instant Camera". Lecturer Paskevicius (College of Liberal Arts and Sciences) together with Lecturer Kume (a part-time lecturer of Faculty of Engineering) and Professor Sasa from Kanto Gakuin University supervised and guided students during the workshop.

All Participants, after they were divided into teams, did their research about instant cameras and made a lot of photos. And after the brainstorming session, students exchanged their ideas and created their new concepts of instant photo cameras. All teams also made their final presentations to show design proposals and received comments from Vice president Watanabe and Associate Professor Ono (Graduate School of Engineering).

On the weekend, students visited several unique places in Tokyo area, such as Odaiba and Akihabara to learn about the Japanese industrial design and high tech industry.

All participants had a satisfying time at Chiba University and enjoyed staying in Japan.

(Summer Program's Collaborator: Japan-China Culture Community Center)