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Challenging to develop advanced remote sensing sensors and applications for Earth monitoring

Center for Environmental Remote Sensing (CEReS)

I started my study and research at Chiba University since 1999 in synthetic aperture radar (SAR) field, and got Ph.D (Applied Radio Wave and Radar Systems) in 2002. Then I continued my career as Postdoctoral Fellowship Researcher in Center for Frontier Electronics and Photonics (Venture Business Laboratory), Chiba University in 2002-2005 where I invented various circularly polarized microstrip antennas for mobile satellite communications. I restarted my research on SAR technology in Center for Environmental Remote Sensing (CEReS) as Associate Professor (permanent) in 2005-2013 and Full Professor (permanent) since 2013 to manage Josaphat Microwave Remote Sensing Laboratory (JMRSL) or Josaphat Laboratory to develop microwave sensors and its applications, especially SAR sensor for unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), aircraft and microsatellite. CEReS is an excellent research center in Japan, especially in remote sensing field. This center develops some leading techniques in remote sensing to observe continent, ocean and atmosphere using satellite data and remote sensed devices, especially SAR. SAR is well-known as a multi-purpose sensor that can be operated in all-weather and day-night time. JMRSL develops original SAR sensor called Circularly Polarized Synthetic Aperture Radar or Elliptically Polarized Synthetic Aperture Radar (CP-SAR or EP-SAR, Patent Pending 2014-214905) to monitor global land deformation. For this purpose, we also develop JX series of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) for ground experiment of this sensor.

I also promote international education and research collaboration in remote sensing field with overseas academic and research institutions, i.e. University of Indonesia (Indonesia), Ajou University (Korea), Kent University (UK), Monash University (Australia), Purdue University (US), Universiti Sains Malaysia (Malaysia) etc. I initiated Double Degree Program for master and doctoral program between Chiba University and overseas universities to accelerate the science and technology exchange, and enriches the student experiences during their study in higher education. My students came from various countries and the alumni contributes actively in home country, regional and global community. Chiba University is perfect medium for foreign and Japanese students to interact each other to build our global community. Let's visit and join Chiba University and my laboratory !