Campus Life


Faculty of Engineering

I'm a 3rd year student, currently pursuing a 4 year undergraduate course in Electronics Engineering from Chiba University. Other than studies, I usually spend my time reading books, playing sports, playing guitar, hanging out with friends, etc.
I'm a person who believes in trying new things, learning new skills. For instance, I couldn't swim before, so I opted for swimming club after getting into the university and I could literally swim within a month thanks to the generous and warm-hearted club members who taught me. Other than this, I was also a part of Piano Society, and currently a member of Badminton club. Surprisingly, there are more than 150 clubs in the university. Music, Dance, Cultural, Sports clubs, you name it they have it. It's definitely a nice opportunity to polish your skills or to develop a new hobby.

People you interact with in the campus are mostly either teachers or students. Teachers are very considerate and supportive with caring nature; they try their best to answer to your query even if it's not related with the class. There are many opportunities where one can interact with other students; at parties, get-togethers, common hangout places, in university clubs etc. Even there is an official group of students (known as CISG) which organise parties, trips, events exclusively for foreign students. I too have many friends from this same group who had helped me lot in the initial days of mine in this university.

University life is not just about the classes, but a lot about the things outside the classroom. Although each day is different, but my 'typical Thursday' sounds something like below.
0815 hrs: Alarm wakes me up! After getting ready and grabbing fruits in the breakfast. With my eyes still half open, I leave for the university on my bicycle, sometimes with an apple in my one hand.
0850 hrs: My part-time job starts! It's in the university itself at a place called 'English house', where I interact with the students (mainly Japanese) in English. This is the most fun part of the day, as I get to meet new people and talk with them about anything.
1200 hrs: Lunch time! The cafeteria of the university has 3 food courts, each food court has its own different menu, and if I'm not wrong one can try a different dish everyday for a month.

1250 hrs: Experiment's class! Nearly 4 hours in lab is spent, trying to have a better understanding of the theoretically learned concepts.
1800 hrs: 3 hours of rigorous badminton practice, drains away all the energy.
2130 hrs: Going for dinner, sometimes going to a restaurant with friends or sometimes cooking by myself
2500 hrs: Time to get some sleep. After completing my assignments, a bit of leisure reading, talking/texting to friends/family, I head to grab a sound sleep.

I find that it is nice to have a mix of different activities to keep me busy, but not too overwhelmed. It has given me a lot of exposure and still giving me. I can say I am having an enriched student life back here; till now some experiences were good some were not so good but still happy to be a part of this institution.