Campus Libraries


Chiba University libraries provide various assistances and resources to support the research and educational activities of the faculty, students, staff and general public.
There are three branches, one on each campus: the Central Library (Nishi-Chiba Campus), the Library of Health Sciences (Inohana Campus), and the Library of Horticultural Sciences (Matsudo Campus).
The university library holds 1.4 million volumes as well as over 25,000 periodicals. Its website provides access to the Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC), bibliographic databases, online journals, and university institutional repository.

Please check opening hours from the following websites.

Besides those libraries, Academic Link Center, an annex to the Central Library, opened in 2012. The Center is designed to be an academic complex which equips "Active Learning Space", a space that enables users to conduct research and discussion making optimum use of library contents and information networks, "Contents Lab", which offers students materials related to the coursework in various medium, and "Teaching Hub" which nurtures faculty, student and staff experts in learning management system.

Academic Link Center
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