Student Insurance

All Chiba University international students are required to enroll in all of the following types of insurance.
Pamphlets on these insurances and other necessary documents for enrollment are distributed through your faculty or graduate school, but are also got at the ISD counter on each campus.

This is an accident compensation insurance covering unforeseen disasters and accidents during regular curricular activities, school events, extracurricular (club) activities, and while on the university premises. Please note that illness and natural disasters such as earthquakes are not covered by this insurance. For further details, please see the link below.
Personal Accident Insurance for Student Pursuing Education and Research "GAKKENSAI"

This insurance covers the liability for injuring others or damaging their property during regular curricular, internship, and volunteer activities, and school events, or commuting to and from them. For further details, please see the link below.You can get application forms at your department office.
Personal Liability Insurance for students "GAKKENBAI"

This is a comprehensive insurance policy covering liability, injury, illness, rescuer expenses, death and residual disability. Only students who are enrolled in ”GAKKENSAI” are eligible for this insurance. Please take out either Type A or Type B.
For the insurance outline, plase see the flyer. For further details, please see the pamphlet.
Actual premium depends on your enrollment period. Please refer to the insurance premiums table(Japanese only).
How to claim insurance money is here.

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