Extension of Period of Stay

NOTICE : As of April 2022, the documents for submitting at the time of application have changed. However, please note that the Immigration Service Agency has not yet updated the English version of the information. For the latest information, please check its Japanese website.

Those wishing to continue to study at Chiba University beyond the expiration date of the authorized period of stay must apply for an extension. Applications are accepted for three months before expiration of the period of your stay. Please complete the procedure by the day of the expiration.

Immigration Services Agency of Japan [Application for extension of period of stay]: Student



  1. Application form for extension of period of stay
    The forms are available at Immigration Services Agency branch offices, and downloadable from the Immigration Services Agency’s website link below. Forms "For organization part 1 and part 2" must be completed by your faculty / graduate school.

  2. ID photo (4cm x 3cm) one

    ※A sharp, clear photo of the applicant facing forward with no hat, cap or head covering taken against a plain backdrop with no shadows. Must have been taken within three months prior to submitting the application.
    ※The photograph should be attached to the photograph section of the application with the name of the applicant written on the back of the photograph

  3. Presentation of your passport
  4. Presentation of your residence card
  5. (1)For Undergraduate and Graduate students
    a Certificate of enrollment(clearly stating the period of enrollment)
    b Academic transcript
    (2)For Research student
    a Certificate of enrollment(clearly stating the period of enrollment)
    b Certificate of research
  6. Others (Items added after April 2022)
     The documents to be submitted differ depending on the institution to which the applicant belongs. Check the website of the Immigration Service Agency, but unfortunately there is only a Japanese website. See below.

    ・Application forms and accompanying documents must be printed on one side on A4 size paper.
    ・When submitting an original, it must be within three months of issuance.
    ・In the list of documents to be submitted, circle either "YES(有)" or "NO(無)" for whether each item is to be submitted, and arrange the documents in the order of the list.
    ・The documents to be submitted may differ depending on the nationality of the applicant.
    ・If you are unable to submit the materials to be submitted, please explain the reason and submit alternative materials
    ・Additional documents may be required depending on the examination process.
    ・Once submitted, the materials cannot be returned.
    Chiba University is a government approved institution for accepting students with visas. You can download the list of documents to be submitted below. Currently, only Japanese is available.
    *The ISD webpage will be updated as soon as the immigration English site is updated. https://www.moj.go.jp/isa/content/001363362.pdf

    ※Print it out and circle either "YES(有)" or "NO(無)" on the submission check list. Enter Chiba University as the name of the educational institution :「教育機関の名称」. Also enter the name of the applicant :「申請人の氏名」.
    ※Submit all the prepared documents in the order of the numbers in the list.
  7. Handling charge of 4,000 yen (Revenue stamp)
  • The maximum length a research student (undergraduate or graduate) can stay with a residence status of "Student (ryugaku)" is two years including any period spent as a research student at any other universities. This does not apply in some exceptional circumstances.
  • If your academic record is not sufficient and/or if you repeat a year, you need to submit a letter stating the reason and a letter of recommendation from your supervisor.
  • If you take a leave of absence for a certain period of time, a letter stating the reason or a letter of leave of absence is necessary.
  • You will be considered an illegal immigrant if you overstay your period of stay by even just one day, so be sure to apply for an extension as early as possible.
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