Phone and Post Office

You can purchase a mobile phone at a mobile phone/home appliance retailer. Carefully check a plan before you make a contract. If you wish to install a phone in your home (landline), contact the local NTT office or other phone company.

How to fill out your address

When you write the address, clearly write the addresses of both yourself and the recipient. Please make sure that the apartment name and room number are written. If the apartment does not have a name, address it to the landlord. (C/O Mr./Ms. XX)

Forwarding of postal mails

When you move, if you submit a “Application for Change of Address”, the post office will forward postal mails that are sent to your previous address for one year. Application forms are available at post office counters. You will need to bring some proof that you are the person who is moving. (Such as National Health Insurance Card, Resident Card)

*Information about postal services in Japan is available here in Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean.

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