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  • UR (Urban Renaissance Agency) Rental Housing (UR housing complex)

UR (Urban Renaissance Agency) Rental Housing (UR housing complex)

Chiba University has rented a part of the Saiwaicho Housing Complex and Takasu Daiichi Housing Complex from the UR Urban Renaissance Agency to support international students enrolled at Chiba University.

Persons eligible as residents

Only international students whose residence status in Japan is “studying abroad” and their family members (spouse and children) can move into the UR housing complex. You can share a room, but the roommate must be an international student at Chiba University and be of the same sex as you. Rooms are advertised once every six months and are decided by selection. Selection will be announced on the website of the International Student Division.
Housing (International Student Division website)

Period of occupancy

The occupancy period is two years in principle, but you can renew it while you are in school.

Timing of selection of residents

Selection of residents of the UR housing complex is conducted twice a year (around December to January for April moving-in and around June to July for October moving-in). Details of the selection, such as when it takes place, will be announced on the International Student Division website.
Housing (International Student Division’s website)

Room type and rent

(1)Saiwaicho Housing Complex (20 minutes’ walk from JR Nishi-Chiba Station, or 7 minutes by bus and 1 minute’s walk)

Type Area(m2) Rent Common service fee
2A 2DK 40 ¥42,700 ¥2,180
3A 3K 45 ¥44,100 - 46,900
3C 3K 48 ¥50,300

(2)Takasu Daiichi Housing Complex (5 minutes by bus and 7 minutes’ walk from JR Inage Station, or 12 minutes’ walk from JR Inagekaigan Station)

Type Area(m2) Rent Common service fee
2B 2DK 44 ¥49,100 - 51,200 ¥2,930
3C 3K 50 ¥51,300 - 55,400

You will not need to pay any key money, brokerage fees, or renewal fees. However, one month’s rent will be collected when you move in as expenses for repairs and so on when you move out, and for fire and liability insurance. (This money will not be refunded even if you switch to an individual contract or move out the housing.)
Rents are subject to change.


UR Housing Complexes are dormitories contracted by the university. Priority is given to students who can participate in exchange activities in the community. Thus, residents are limited to students who have lived in Japan for more than one year. Saiwaicho Housing Complex residents must join the Residents’ Association.

How to apply

Those who want to move to the UR Housing Complex should prepare the following documents, as required in the application guidelines, and submit them to the International Student Division within the acceptance period. Students at Inohana and Matsudo can submit the documents to the ISD of their respective campuses.

  1. Application form (available at the International Student Division)
  2. A copy of your Student ID card (if you share a room, submit the copies of the ID cards of all residents).
    Students who have decided to go on to the Graduate School (masters or doctoral course) should submit a copy of their letter of acceptance.
  3. A copy of your Residence Card (if you share the room, submit copies of the Cards of all residents, and if you live with your family, copies of the Cards of all your family members).

Selection method and announcement of results

Selection is made according to the submitted documents and by interview if necessary.

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