In Japan, every bicycle must be registered to the police(“Bouhan touroku” (anti-crime registration)). “Bouhan touroku” is meant to help recover stolen bicycles. When you buy a bicycle, no matter if it is new or recycled, you are required to register the bicycle at the shop.
If you give your bicycle, you have to cancel your bicycle’s Bouhan touroku at bicycle shop that handles registrations.

Necessary items for the “Bouhan touroku” procedure

  1. Bicycle
  2. Residence card
  3. The previous owner’s anti-crime registration slip or Transfer of ownership certificate.
  4. Registration fee ¥600

Transfer of ownership certificate download is here. (Japanese only)

Traffic Safety Guidelines for Pedestrians and Cyclists (National Police Agency)
Traffic Safety Leaflet(Chiba Pref.)

You are required to obtain a parking permission sticker and put it on your bicycle if you want to park your bicycle on campus.

Nishi-Chiba campus

If you commute to Nishi-Chiba campus by bicycle, you are required to purchase an on-campus parking permit sticker at the CO-OP counter in the Life Center next to the library. The permit sticker costs 800 yen.
The B area (designated parking area) below is only for students of Faculty of Engineering, Graduate School of Science and Engineering, and Center for Environmental Remote Sensing (CEReS): students who belong to other faculties, graduate schools or centers are not allowed to park in the B area.
Bicycles parked without the appropriate permit sticker will be locked and towed away.


Inohana campus and Matsudo campuses

For the permission on Inohana campus, ask for the free sticker at the faculty/graduate school office you belong to.

Matsudo campuses

For the permission on Matsudo campus, ask for the free sticker at the faculty/graduate school office you belong to

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