Scholarships from private foundations

for privately-financed international student , there are two methods for receiving a scholarship from a private foundation: ① university recommendation and ② direct application.

Candidates for scholarships from private foundations will be selected from among of those who have registered and submitted the scholarship application to the ISD. Find more information on How to Register and Apply.

New scholarship information (registration, requirements, etc.) will be posted on bulletin boards as well as the International Student Division’s website. Please check regularly so you don’t miss the most current information.

Some scholarships require Japanese skills for essays and interview, or do not allow candidates to receive other scholarships. Please refer to the list of scholarships offered to Chiba university students for recruitment periods and requirements. Please note that the application period and condition may change.

Please also refer to 「Important Notice for Your Scholarship Application」for more information.

List of Scholarships

University recommendation
Direct application

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