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Chiba University International House (International Students’ Dormitory)

The International House is a dormitory for international students and researchers enrolled at Chiba University. It is about a 15-minute walk from JR Inage Station. It is convenient because there are libraries, supermarkets, convenience stores, sports facilities, etc., close by. There are 218 dormitory places for international students and 18 dormitory places for foreign researchers.

International House Guide Map (International Student Division’s website)

(1) Persons eligible as residents

The International House is available only to international students whose status of residence in Japan is “studying abroad” and their family members (spouse and children). Due to the limited number of dormitory places, not all applicants can move in. Residents are short-listed according to their residence status and selected based on the resident selection criteria. The decisions are published on the International Student Division website.
International House (international student dormitory) (International Student Division’s website)

(2) Period of occupancy

The occupancy period is about one year (International students for teacher training programs can, however, occupy them for one and a half years). You can live in the International House for just one year during your period of attendance at the University.

Because of the need to clean and prepare the dormitory rooms for the next international student to move in, you may need to move out before your graduation ceremony or completion ceremony day. In that case, please secure alternative accommodation in advance. You can confirm your required move-out day in the “Period of occupancy” column on the occupancy permit card you received as part of the moving-in procedures.

(3) Timing of selection of residents

Selection of the International House residents is conducted twice a year in general. (Around February to March for the April moving-in, and around July to August for October moving-in.) However, selection may not be conducted depending on the situation. Details of the selection, such as the timing, will be announced on the International Student Division website.
Housing (International Student Division website)

(4) Room layout and rent

Rooms and Rents at International House: Overview of International House (International Student Division website )

As a rule, rent must be paid by automatic bank transfer. Rent and standard service fees are subject to change.

Beds and mattresses are provided, but no bedding. If you want, you can rent bedding for 2,750 yen a month. If you need this service, please let us know when you start the moving-in procedures. (Rental fees are subject to change.) There is no telephone in the room, but the Internet is available immediately after you move in.

(5) Things to be noted

The office at International House is open from 9:00 - 17:00 on weekdays. Please make sure to come within working hours to complete your moving-in procedures.

You must bring your student ID card or admission permit card and a picture of you (or pictures of all the residents in the case of a couple’s room or family room).

International researchers can apply for accommodation in the researchers’ building at the International House. Applications for the researcher building, check the following link.

Notice for international researchers (International House) (Chiba University’s website)

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