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"President's Choice" June 9, 2022

Launch of an owned media of Chiba University, "CHIBADAI NEXT"

On June 9, 2022, Chiba University launched "CHIBADAI NEXT," an owned media to introduce cutting-edge research by Chiba University researchers.
Chiba University is a national comprehensive university with ten undergraduate schools, 17 graduate schools, and various centers. Approximately 1,700 researchers are pushing forward research under the vision of "Towards a World Preeminent Academic Institution."
In the past, we presented our research achievements mainly at academic conferences, lectures, and events. Now, we are announcing our efforts and success through our media. We hope CHIBADAI NEXT will further strengthen academic research and promote the social implementation of our research achievements. Under our education philosophy, "Ad Altiora Semper (Always Aim Higher)," we are building close ties with important stakeholders of the community, industries, local governments, and other universities.
Please check out our brand-new owned media!



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