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P5140308_s.jpgWelcome to "President's Choice"!

I am Toshinori Nakayama, President of Chiba University.
Here, I would like to introduce our activities and highlights of the month!

No. 4: "President's Choice" June 7, 2021

Three Chiba University mascots are calling for precautions to prevent new coronavirus infection while eating out

Three Chiba University mascots have been promoting social distance on campus. For example, you might have seen desks and chairs with stickers to ask you to maintain a distance between you and others. Now, we are introducing new stickers with tips when eating out. We created these "easy-to-understand" stickers based on experts' opinions. Nishi calls for Solo Dining, Ino for Silent Dining, and Matsu for Conversations with Masks after Dining. We are distributing these stickers at the university co-op, school cafeteria, and other eating spaces to remind you of the importance of virus prevention.

We appreciate your kind cooperation and understanding of our mission to sustain the "Corona Zero" Campus!

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