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P5140308_s.jpgWelcome to "President's Choice"!

I am Toshinori Nakayama, President of Chiba University.
Here, I would like to introduce our activities and highlights of the month!

"President's Choice" November 10, 2022

Professor Emeritus Keiko Nishikawa Honored as Person of Cultural Merit

Dr. Keiko Nishikawa, Professor Emeritus of Chiba University, has been selected as Person of Cultural Merit 2022 for her outstanding contributions to the cultural development of Japan.

From left, President Nakayama, Professor Emeritus Keiko Nishikawa

Professor Nishikawa was appointed professor at Chiba University in April 1996. Until her retirement in 2014, she was enthusiastically engaged in research and education on complex aggregates' structure and physical properties using "fluctuations" as a probe. In 2013, she served as Dean of the Graduate School of Advanced Integration Sciences. Even after her retirement, she continued devoting herself to her research and the education and research of our university. This honorable commendation brought great joy to the faculty, staff, and students of Chiba University.

Professor Emeritus Keiko Nishikawa in her lab

Under the Chiba University Vision, "Towards a world preeminent academic institute," approximately 1,700 researchers are advancing their research. To achieve this vision and support our cutting-edge research, we launched the Institute for Advanced Academic Research (IAAR) this April. In IAAR, we recruit and train post-docs and talented young faculty members, who will lead Chiba University research, to offer them ideal research environments and career paths.
Through such support for talented researchers, we will continue making efforts to produce excellent researchers to follow Professor Emeritus Nishikawa.

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